Making a complaint

Everyone representing Legal & General Affordable Homes is committed to providing first-class customer service, from the moment you open the door of your new home. If, for whatever reason, you’re not happy with any aspect of the service you have received, we want it to be easy for you to let us know.

An overview of our complaints process can be found below.  Our full policy is available on request.

Step One

If you’re dissatisfied, for whatever reason, let us know and someone will be in contact within two working hours to discuss the issue and implement steps to rectify the problem. Our Management Providers are experts in managing your home so in the first instance, please speak with them.  We’re confident that we will be able to solve most issues at this early stage once we are aware. Their details can be found here.

Step Two

If that does not work – or if you’re still unhappy – you can request that the problem is lodged as a Stage 1 Complaint. This will be investigated and responded to within 5 working days (if it takes us longer, we will agree that with you). Complaint investigations are always reviewed by the Operations Director of Legal & General Affordable Homes to ensure that our customers are receiving a quick, and effective resolution.

Step Three

If you’re not happy with the response to your issue, you can ask that we escalate it to a Stage 2 Complaint.  These are handled by more senior members of staff. You will receive a response no longer than 10 working days (if it takes us longer, we will agree that with you) from the point of escalation.

Step Four

If you are still not happy with our response to the Stage 2 Complaint, Legal & General Affordable Homes and our partners will assist you in making contact with the Housing Ombudsman, a free and impartial service, to review your situation further.

We monitor complaints at formal meetings with each of our Management Providers every quarter and take steps to ensure that our standard of customer service remains high. A summary of learning will be published in Legal & General Affordable Homes annual report to customers. Legal & General Affordable Homes will treat all customers and staff with fairness and respect. We value diversity and work to promote equality and tackle unlawful discrimination

Legal & General Affordable Homes has adopted the Complaint Handling Code of Conduct from The Housing Ombudsman Services and we will make sure that we follow its principles as part of our daily activity. 

A copy of our self-assessment against the code is available for you to see below.