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What happens after you reserve your dream home with us?

What happens after you reserve your dream home with us?

After viewing countless properties, saving up every last pound for your deposit and finding the perfect sofa for your new home… the day has finally come, you’ve officially reserved your new home!

Now that all of your hard work has finally paid off… what actually happens next?

Let’s run through the next stages in the Shared Ownership home buying process with our easy to follow video that explains what happens after you reserve your new home with Legal & General Affordable Homes.

Stage 1 – Instruct your Solicitor

Congratulations on reserving your new home! The first step you’ll have to do is instruct a solicitor. To make life easier, you can choose a solicitor from our list of Shared Ownership specialists or you can appoint your own.

Living and Kitchen area Hampton Tower, London

Stage 2 – Complete your Mortgage Application

Next, talk to your financial advisor, bank or building society to complete your mortgage application. Don’t worry, it’s pretty straight forward!

Stage 3 – Receive the formal Mortgage Offer

Once your mortgage provider has issued their official valuation for your new Shared Ownership home, you’ll receive their formal mortgage offer.. hooray!

The Moorings

Stage 4 – Sign on the dotted line

The next stage is to sign your contract, lease and pay your deposit to your solicitor.

Stage 5 – Exchange contracts and celebrate!

The last stage before moving is exchanging contracts. Once this is done, the home is officially yours.

Bedroom 1 at Hampton Tower South Quay Plaza

Stage 6 – Understand how everything works in the Home Demonstration

During the Home Demonstration, we’ll show you how to take care of your new home, how everything works and discuss the warranties with you.

Stage 7 – Grab your keys and move in

On legal completion, you’ll receive your keys and can move in. Congratulations, you’re officially on the property ladder!

Stage 8 – Use your interior design flair to decorate your new home

Now it’s time to get creative with decorating and choosing furnishings to personalise your new home. After the legal and financial processes, this is where the fun starts!

If you have any questions about the process, just call or email us as we’re here to help every step of the way.

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