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Supporting the community of St John’s, Witheridge, Devon

Supporting the community of St John’s, Witheridge, Devon

Earlier this week, Legal & General Affordable Homes made a donation to St John’s Fair in Witheridge, Devon to help support the local community nearby.  St John’s Fair is one of the oldest Royal Charter fairs in the country, dating back to 1248 when a 3 day fair was granted to the Parish of Witheridge.

St John’s Fair was put on hold for the past five years for various reasons. This year marks the return of the fair which was a huge success, suggesting that the St John’s Fair is back to stay which is much to the community’s happiness.

The Chair of the Fair added: “Yesterday’s Fayre was a resounding success and it was incredible to see the community back together after a 5 year absence. We are so proud of what we managed to put on yesterday and we are now looking forward to taking a short break to reflect before considering how we can do it all over again next year.”

Legal & General Affordable Homes added: “We are so pleased to see St John’s Fair in Witheridge take place this year, as it is a great way for the community to come together. The community spirit is strong and we are so happy that, in a small way, we were able to help make the day a success.”

Located nearby to Benson Grange, a community coming soon, featuring Legal & General Affordable Homes Shared Ownership two, three, four and five-bedroom houses and bungalows with gardens in the idyllic village of Witheridge, Devon.

You can find out about Shared Ownership with LGAH here:

CGI representation of an exterior of a 2 story, 4 bed house. White rendering, windows either side of the front door on the ground floor, 3 on the next floor.

CGI representation of a 4 bed house style at Benson Grange to be released in 2024.

St John’s Fair parade images used with permission from Fatman Snaps