Shared Ownership Myth Busting


Helping you find out what buying through Shared Ownership really means…

While it’s a great way to get on the property ladder, upsize or relocate, there are a lot of myths around Shared Ownership which can make it tricky to understand. That’s why we’re determined to help you understand exactly what Shared Ownership is and how it can help get you moving, while busting these myths once and for all.


So grab a cuppa and come and take a look at the facts below.


You don’t need our permission for decorating or simple repairs, however you would need to get permission for larger works to ensure it does not affect the structure of the building.

Shared Ownership supports those who are unable to purchase a property on the wider market as long as you meet the eligibility criteria. The scheme is aimed at first time buyers, those with growing families, or other individuals who want to get on the property ladder affordably.

Myth Busting

With Shared Ownership, you buy a percentage of a property, then pay a subsidised rent on the remaining portion. The key advantages of Shared Ownership are that you generally pay less each month than you would privately renting or paying a traditional mortgage.

Check if Shared Ownership is affordable for you using our calculator below.

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