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Move-In For Summer

Move-In For Summer

Summer is well and truly on underway, and what better way to celebrate those long evenings than with a barbecue, family gathering, or cold drink in the garden of one of our brand-new Shared Ownership homes.

We have three developments that are perfect for enjoying an outdoor lifestyle AND are complete and ready to move into this summer.

Each of our family-friendly homes at Little Cotton Farm in Devon, St Mary’s Village in Herefordshire, and Standish Grange Lancashire offer easy and convenient open plan living spaces, amazing facilities, a great location, and that all-important garden space – ideal for enjoying the warmer climate.

Barbecue in the Garden

What better way to experience the full potential of summer than with a barbecue in the garden of one of our new developments? With warmer days on the horizon, it’s time to dust off the grill and enjoy the spacious turfed rear gardens that await you at Little Cotton Farm, St Mary’s Village, and Standish Grange. 

Whether you prefer a vegan sausage or a traditional burger, each of our houses at our summer-ready developments offers enough space to enjoy a barbecue with the family in time for the summer holidays.

Little Cotton Farm, St Mary’s Village, and Standish Grange. 
Image shown – CGI Dressed representation of an actual home at St Mary’s Village

Escape into Nature

Our Little Cotton Farm and Standish Grange developments are perfectly situated to keep the whole family occupied in the great outdoors throughout the summer months.

The developments, based in Devon and Lancashire, are in close proximity to scenic areas, such as Standish Grange to Fairy Glen Valley and Little Cotton Farm to Sugary Cove Beach. There are also a number of national parks on the doorstep of these two to four bedroom homes, which make them popular with those looking to escape to the countryside and have nature right on the doorstep.

Community Facilities

Picture this, it has been a long week and Friday has finally rolled around. The sun is shining, and you are about to sip a glass of wine in the garden of your recently purchased new home. 

Our homes at St Mary’s Village offer the ideal spot to enjoy the summer, and that all important cold beverage, surrounded by amazing facilities and a strong sense of community.  What sets St Mary’s Village apart are its amenities, which include open green spaces, play areas, and a community hub, all of which come to life in the warmer summer months and support an outdoor-first lifestyle.

St Mary’s Village

Register your interest today

Follow the links to register your interest for Little Cotton Farm, St Mary’s Village or Standish Grange. Or, head to our social media profiles on Instagram and Facebook (@legalandgeneralaffordable) to ask your Shared Ownership questions. #LandGAH