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Our top four budget interior trends for summer 

Our top four budget interior trends for summer 

With the arrival of summer, it’s time to infuse your home with refreshing and vibrant interior trends that capture the essence of the season. This summer is all about the delightful fusion of nature-inspired elements, light and bright colour palettes. You can get creative with paint placement and include a nod to retro aesthetics if you really want to be on trend!

Whether you’re revamping your entire home or looking to make small updates, here are the top four interior trends to embrace this summer if you’re on a budget.

Bring the outdoors in 

Luxury 1 bedroom apartment decoration at Leon House, Croydon

Blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces creates a harmonious and calming atmosphere. Embrace this trend by incorporating natural elements into your decor, such as large potted plants, hanging gardens and botanical prints. The added use of organic materials like rattan, bamboo, and wood can also infuse your space with a sense of nature.

By connecting with the outdoors, you create a tranquil sanctuary that celebrates the beauty of the season. Fresh, seasonal flowers add a beautiful touch to your décor and can be added to any room for a pop of colour, but low maintenance plants can be a more economical, sustainable choice that even work to purify the air in your home, making them budget-friendly, long-lasting and good for your health, too. 

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Light and Bright Colours  

Summer calls for a lighter, airier ambiance and incorporating light and bright colours can instantly uplift your space. This season, linens are making a comeback as the go-to fabric for upholstery, curtains and decorative accents. Embrace soft hues like pastel blues, blush pinks and mint greens to create a serene and breezy atmosphere.

Interior dressed bedroom image
The bedroom image is a CGI dressed representation taken at Plot 83, a two bedroom apartment at Little Cotton Farm, Dartmouth.

These colours not only reflect the sunny outdoors but also bring a sense of calmness and relaxation to your interiors. Consider incorporating soft linens through throw pillows, bedding and drapery to achieve a light and ethereal aesthetic that allows the summer breeze and light to come inside.  

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Paint unexpected places – door frames, ceilings and more  

Get creative this summer by painting unexpected places within your home. Move beyond the traditional approach of painting walls and explore unique surfaces like door frames, ceilings or even staircases. You can opt for vibrant and contrasting colours to make a statement and add personality to your space.

For example, painting door frames in bold shades like deep blue or fiery red can create a striking visual effect. This trend allows you to quickly and easily experiment and inject a playful touch into your interiors, elevating your home’s overall design for the summer season. 

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Embrace the past  

Nostalgia takes centre stage this summer with a resurgence of retro-inspired interior design. That means you can embrace the charm of the past with vintage furniture pieces, retro patterns, abstract mirror shapes and bold colour combinations. Incorporate mid-century modern elements with statement pieces such as a vintage-inspired sofa or an iconic chair design. Mix and match patterns like geometric prints and bold florals to create a vibrant and eclectic ambiance. The retro theme allows you to add a touch of personality and timelessness to your home, making it a conversation-worthy space. 

This summer, interior design trends celebrate the beauty of nature, lightness, creativity and nostalgia. These trends offer endless possibilities to elevate your home décor for the season and allow you to create a home that you’ll love to bask in all summer long.  

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