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The ultimate January home checklist

The ultimate January home checklist

While the classic January weather might have you wanting to stay indoors, why not try and start the year on the right foot? With so many little household jobs lying around (don’t worry, we all have them) January is the perfect time for a fresh start and a clean home!

Go on and have a read of our top tips to give your Shared Ownership home a refresh in 2023 with this handy checklist.

Clear out your ‘Everything Drawer’

We all have one. It’s most likely full of cables you no longer need, old bank statements and batteries that definitely don’t work anymore. Take our advice and clear it out. We recommend investing in a drawer separator in order to create clear cut sections for all the things you may need to keep. This way, you can categorise the essentials — from cables and Allen keys to that steadfast measuring tape.

While you’re making the most of your ‘Everything Drawer’, don’t forget that a Shared Ownership home comes with a ton of storage for you to enjoy. Think built-in kitchen cabinets and integrated wardrobes which will make your life much easier!

Lounge Area at The Moorings Hounslow

Take a houseplant inventory

With winter truly having settled in, we know that your beloved houseplants will need some TLC. After having spent weeks with the heating on, your plants may have gotten quite dry or be unsettled from the changing temperature in the house.

Spend an afternoon to see which ones might need attention from your green fingers. If your house gets very dry in the winter from heating, you may need to provide some humidity to get them thriving again. You can find all the crucial information online on how to maintain your plants. 

One of the best perks of buying a Shared Ownership home is that it comes completely move in ready. We’re talking fresh paint, never before walked on floors and open plan layouts that are perfect for your beautiful hosueplants.

Studio bedroom area, Acer Apartments, White City
Make sure to give your houseplants some TLC

Declutter the kitchen cupboards 

It’s time to take stock of your kitchen now that the Christmas feasting has ended. Throw out everything you’d forgotten was hiding in your pantry to make way for some new ingredients in 2023. 

Remove everything from the cupboards to give them a good wipe down, before going through your cans, tins and packets to chuck out the expired ones. (We know they’re there.) We recommend a nice reorder and adding a label or two, to avoid wasting any ingredients in the future. 

Kitchen - diner area, Acer Apartments, White City
Remember to sort out those kitchen cupboards with our ultimate 2023 home checklist

Why not try a room refresh? 

It can be hard to fight the temptation to buy new to reinvigorate your home. Instead, try moving furniture around and switching up your wall decorations for a fun, new style. 

  • Rotate furniture to reimagine the corners of your living or bedroom space
  • Swap soft furnishings, like rugs, cushions and curtains between rooms for a dose of newness
  • Move your artwork or wall hangings from one room to another to create diverse eye-catching decorations

Looking for a complete refresh?

Why not check out our available Shared Ownership homes across the UK? Take our Norfolk homes, for example; you could get on the property ladder for less thanks to this government-backed scheme which allows you to obtain a portion of a home and pay rent on the rest. At Broadland Fields, you could pay a deposit of just £11,200 for a 25% share in one of our three-bedroom homes.