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Meet Hono, first time buyer in West London

Meet Hono, a 30 something year old Software Developer who works from home mostly in his 1 bedroom apartment. Originally from Indonesia, Hono has lived in West London for the last 10 years and wanted to be able to live in the area he loves. He didn’t want to move further afield but realised how expensive London property can be. When he discovered our Shared Ownership apartments in White City, he knew this would be his home and has been so happy since moving in last October.

His favourite part of his apartment? His balcony. He can’t believe the view over the city that he has and loves being able to look down at the beautifully landscaped gardens below him. He is an avid dog lover and is getting a Japanese Spitz puppy in February (I did a quick Google search of the breed and he has my seal of approval) so can’t wait to take his new puppy on winter walks, just outside his flat.