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Sustainability meets Shared Ownership

Sustainability meets Shared Ownership

With climate change high on the global agenda, we’re all being encouraged to reflect on how our lives impact the planet and to look at ways of making more sustainable choices – from the groceries we buy, to the journeys we make. While cutting down on single-use plastics and reducing our car journeys are both sensible strategies, we can make an even bigger difference by considering the eco-credentials of our homes.

At Legal and General Affordable Homes, we aim to put sustainability at the heart of everything we do; from identifying the right sites and creating a safe, to taking a sensitive approach to development and delivering communities that meet local requirements. But what makes a new build home the more sustainable approach? Read on to find out more.

Save The Planet, Save On Bills

According to the report  ‘Greener, Cleaner, Cheaper’, owners of new build homes save an average of £435 a year, rising to £555 for new build houses alone.

The average new build home emits 2.38 tonnes less of carbon each year, around one-third of the carbon produced by the average older property. The research shows that despite new build homes being, on average, 7.4% larger than older properties, new homebuyers are still generating valuable savings every month.

In addition to heating, all of our new homes have fittings to achieve low water usage which can help reduce the cost of monthly water bills.

The Moorings, West London
Balcony view from The Moorings, West London

Greener Living Made Accessible

As well as designing homes you’ll love, we want to make sure the open spaces we create are good for nature and for you. This is why we use “Build with Nature” standards to deliver green infrastructure that benefits people and wildlife within our communities. We maximise wildlife friendly, native plants within our communities that have shared outdoor space to be resilient to future changes in our climate meaning you and your family can lead healthier, happier lifestyles.

Also, we have created a landscape and ecology management plan for 90% of our new communities to further enhance our impact on nature. 

Trent Park, North London
Balcony view from Trent Park, North London

Moving Towards Zero

We’re on a journey towards all of our homes being Zero Carbon and all our new homes are designed with energy efficiency as a key design consideration. Good levels of insulation, quality construction on-site and high-efficiency heating systems help to cut down carbon emissions and your bills. 100% of the homes we build will be net-zero carbon enabled, gas-free and use renewable energy to support the transition to zero carbon homes. 

We also encourage sustainable transport by providing safe and convenient bike storage at all of our new developments, reducing the cost of public transportation/petrol. We’re also working to reduce the whole-life embodied carbon from construction, in line with industry benchmarks.

Trent Park, North London
Balcony view from Trent Park, North London

Create a Sustainable Future with Shared Ownership

We provide an array of top quality, modern apartments and houses across England, all of which are available to purchase with Shared Ownership. Start your search by viewing our current properties available.

Or, head to our social media profiles on Instagram and Facebook to ask your property questions. #LandGAH

Apartments Placeholder Little Cotton Farm Dartmouth
Bedroom view from the homes at Little Cotton Farm in Dartmouth